Nestled in between the Atlantic coast and the mountains, the French Basque Country (also known as Iparralde) features idyllic villages and landscapes. Located in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, just across the border from Spain, I am sure you will fall in love with this area. Keep on reading to learn where to go, what to see and do throughout the coastal and countryside villages. Are you ready for this itinerary around the French Basque Country?

During these pandemic restricting times, I believe it is fair to say we've all had our fair share of staying at home. Luckily, entertaining platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max or Amazon Prime made the task easier. Since we couldn't really travel anywhere, they brought travel to us through series and films. Here is a selection of my favorites to explore the world while binge-watching. Follow along!


After visiting Córdoba and Priego de Córdoba with my in-laws and some family friends, we all came to Irún, my hometown in the Basque Country. We spent a few days here altogether, enjoying great food and sightseeing lovely places such as Getaria, Zumaia, San Sebastián, Lesaka or Hendaye. Curious to know all there is to see in this area?