Located in central Europe, Germany is one of the main countries of the continent. Famous for its beers and sausages, the country has much more to offer, including imposing castles and beautiful landscapes.

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Basic facts

  • Population: 84 million
  • Currency: the country belongs to the Eurozone, hence the euro (€) is its official currency. Check the current exchange rate here.
  • Language: German.
  • Territories: the country is divided into 16 regions known as Länder.
  • Main cities: Berlin (capital), Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main.
  • Fun fact: 65% of the highways in Germany (Autobahn) have no speed limit.

Things to do

Visit the bustling capital Berlin

Explore Frankfurt, the financial heart of the country (and of Europe)

Enjoy at the Oktoberfest in Munich!

More about Germany…

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