Travel resources

Travel resources
Below you will find the travel resources that I frequently use during my trips

If you’re wondering which travel resources I use during my trips, you’ve come to the right place. In this page, I’ll walk you through the ones I keep consistently coming back to, from travel gear and health insurance, to adventurous outdoor activities or helpful credits cards to pay abroad. Truly tried and tested for years in my trips around the world!

Please note that this page includes some affiliate links. This means that, at no additional cost for you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase. In case you have any question about the companies advertised here or my status as an affiliate, please do not hesitate to contact me.

My travel resources include:

Accommodation (Airbnb, Booking, Hostelworld)

Best flight deals (Skyscanner)

Credit card (Revolut)

Health insurance (SafetyWing)

Outdoor activities (Manawa)

Travel experiences (Get Your Guide)

Travel gear and sports equipment (Decathlon)

Travel guides (Anaya Touring)

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The elegant Biltmore Hotel
The elegant Biltmore Hotel in Miami (USA)


Whenever I travel to a destination, I like to pay attention to where I’ll be sleeping. Sometimes I’ll prefer to stay right in the heart of the city to make the most out of it, whereas some others I might opt to book a place in a more tranquil spot. Depending on your budget and what you feel up to, these are the options I browse when I need accommodation around the world.

Initially, Airbnb started out as a platform for people to rent their apartments. Although it has stayed that way (and you can actually sleep at my place while I’m away), nowadays you can find more options such as vacation rentals, cabins, beach houses and much more. If you like feeling at home when you’re away from home, enjoy having the comfort of cooking your own food or meeting with friendly locals, check it out!

Whether you’re looking for stays at hotels, car rentals, flights or local attractions to check out during your trip, Booking has got you fully covered thanks to its wide range of options. You can easily filter by budget, distance, or even property type before booking your accommodation in no time. Make sure to create your own account in order to take advantage of regular discounts!

If you’re traveling on a budget, you’ll love using Hostelworld. Thanks to this platform for shared accommodation, you’ll be able to find the best hostel for you whether you’re a solo traveler or a backpacker. Pick a cheap hostel from more than 36,000 properties across 180 countries and be ready to mingle with fellow travelers during your adventure.

Best flight deals

If you’re searching for the best flight deals online, look no further. With Skyscanner, you can easily book your cheap flight to any destination around the globe. Whenever you’re feeling the wanderlust urge, head here to browse the best options. You can even filter by nearby airports, direct flights or choose flexible dates.

Revolut card is a great way to pay like a local when you're traveling abroad
Revolut card is a great way to pay like a local when you’re traveling abroad

Credit card

My trusted card to pay abroad is Revolut. What I love about it is that, before your trip, you can top it with your national currency and then easily convert it in whatever currency you’ll be using in your destination of choice. Actually, Revolut allows you to stash in 25+ currencies and spend those in 140+ countries. For example, I’ve used it when traveling to Sweden, the UK or the USA. You can also send money to your friends in a few seconds. Spending in local currency without incurring in useless fees is simple, and yet brilliant!

Health insurance

When traveling abroad, the last thing you want to do is cut your trip short. That is why checking health requirements well before arriving to your destination is of outmost importance. For extra peace of mind, make sure you also purchase medical or health insurance to avoid any unpleasant surprises during your trip. You can calculate how much you would pay with the SafetyWing widget below.

Outdoor activities

Whenever you’re visiting a new destination, ticking off the main sites in your bucket list is great. But what if you’re feeling adventurous and want to have an even more memorable experience during your trip? Thankfully, Manawa has you covered with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in destinations around the world, from whale watching in Canada to surfing in France.

Powered by GetYourGuide

Travel experiences

Looking for unique cultural sights, unforgettable food experiences or breathtaking nature and sports adventures? Get Your Guide promises travel memories that you’ll never forget. Ready to take on the challenge? Check out their destinations all around the world and start planning your next trip!

Hiking gear is important on the Camino del Norte and elsewhere
Hiking gear is important on the Camino del Norte (Spain) and elsewhere

Travel gear and sports equipment

Staying active, be it at home or when traveling abroad, is smart for your health. Below are some of the sports products that I regularly use when hiking or practicing yogaski or biking. Feel free to check out my Decathlon affiliate profile to create your own outfit.

The Spain travel guide by Anaya Touring that I used to plan this trip
A Spain travel guide by Anaya Touring that I used during a recent trip

Travel guides

I’m such a fan of diving into travel guides since I was a kid. I find they’re truly inspiring to discover your next destination before your trip, but I also think they’re super helpful while you’re on the go and even afterwards (as I use them to double check information that goes into this blog). I particularly love the Anaya Touring travel guides because they’re very comprehensive, easy to browse and highly visual thanks to their maps and images. What I also enjoy is that they come in a variety of formats, from full-fledged books to shorter guides. And they cover a lot of destinations around the world!

I hope these travel resources were helpful to plan your next trip! Feel free to drop me a line should you have any questions or comments.