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  • Spain

    The online world offers endless opportunities to earn money, and making your home available is certainly a good way to do so. If you're interested in learning how to list your place as a touristic apartment in Guipúzcoa (Spain), I'll be walking you through my own experience with this process. Let's dig into it!

  • Spain

    After being an expat for many years, life brought me back to my hometown in Irún. Shortly after, I decided to start looking for my own place. Today marks exactly one year since I moved into my new apartment. On this occasion, I wanted to reflect on what I've learned during these months, from searching and buying the perfect apartment, to renovating it from scratch. For those decoration lovers out there, I've also included plenty of before and after pictures to show you the transformation of the property. In case you're interested in buying or renovating an apartment in Spain, I trust these tips will be helpful!

  • During these pandemic restricting times, I believe it is fair to say we've all had our fair share of staying at home. Luckily, entertaining platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max or Amazon Prime made the task easier. Since we couldn't really travel anywhere, they brought travel to us through series and films. Here is a selection of my favorites to explore the world while binge-watching. Follow along!