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Brazil's Green Coast, also known as Costa Verde in Portuguese, extending south of Rio de Janeiro all the way to the village of Trindade, lives up to its name. The tropical vegetation covers the coastal mountains and the forests of the Itatiaia National Park, while beautiful islands emerge surrounded by the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The port town of Angra dos Reis is the ideal starting point to explore Ilha Grande, the largest island in the area. In this travel guide, you'll learn all you need to know about Angra dos Reis and Ilha Grande, how to get there from Rio and where to stay and eat. Are you ready to start discovering these Brazilian tropical destinations?


As one of the largest cities in Brazil, Rio is a lively coastal metropolis with friendly locals, featuring at the same time colonial heritage next to modern architecture, top attractions such as Christ the Redeemer or the Sugarloaf Mountain, idyllic beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema and a delicious food scene. Discover the top 9 things to do in Rio de Janeiro in this travel guide, from what to visit, to where to stay and eat. Towards the end of this post, you will find a map that will help you easily locate all the places mentioned here. Enjoy the read!

During these pandemic restricting times, I believe it is fair to say we've all had our fair share of staying at home. Luckily, entertaining platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max or Amazon Prime made the task easier. Since we couldn't really travel anywhere, they brought travel to us through series and films. Here is a selection of my favorites to explore the world while binge-watching. Follow along!


Since this year there were no fun Carnival celebrations in Tarija because of the COVID pandemic, we decided to explore one of the must destinations in Bolivia: lake Titicaca. This mesmerizing lake located in the border with Peru has typically been a touristy spot for nationals and foreigners alike. Discover all there is to do in this travel guide, including tips for visiting Copacabana and the Island of the Sun (Isla del Sol).