Posing at the right waterfall in Chorros de Jurina

In these pandemic times, there’s nothing like escaping to nature for a much needed break. That’s exactly what we did today when exploring the Jurina waterfalls (also known as Chorros de Jurina in Spanish). Located just 30 minutes away from Tarija, I highly recommend visiting this nearby area.

Similarly to the Marquiri waterfalls (Chorros de Marquiri), our local friends from Tarija had mentioned Jurina was another must- see close to town.

Taking advantage of a few hours off in between meetings, we decided to go see them by ourselves and enjoy a break in the middle of nature!

We grabbed our snacks and gear, picked a friend and drove towards Jurina (see directions below).

How to get to the Chorros de Jurina

In order to get to the Chorros de Jurina from Tarija, drive towards San Lorenzo and Potosí, then turn left and take the detour to Iscayachi. After passing the bridge over the Seco River (Río Seco) as well as the Calama bridge, you’ll see a sign indicating ‘Chorros de Jurina’. Follow that route, cross the river and keep going for another five minutes. We parked by a recreational centre, from which you could already spot one of the waterfalls.

We then started walking and took the road to the left that went down to the river. Cross the river by foot (alternatively, you can bring your car along).

Note: there is no entry fee to the Chorros de Jurina unlike in the Marquiri waterfalls.

Walking with the right waterfall in the background
Walking with the right waterfall in the background

The two Chorros de Jurina

Two waterfalls, one to the left and another one to the right hand side, make up the Chorros de Jurina.

Left waterfall

This waterfall is the most spectacular one because of its height. However, the access is a bit more difficult compared to the right waterfall. It will only take you around 15-20 mins to walk here from the river you crossed by foot but the road is very rocky. Be careful not to twist your ankle!

There are various pools at the left waterfall, the biggest being at the bottom.

We had lunch on a rock nearby completely on our own while admiring the falling water.

After that, we climbed to the upper pool and got wet when taking pictures of the impressive sight.

Note: make sure to bring slippers with you!

Right waterfall

After having a lot of fun at the left waterfall, we returned to the river we crossed by foot and turned left close to a blue fence.

Walk for five minutes until you reach the other waterfall.

This one is nice too although only the bottom level is accessible. See for yourself!

I hope you enjoyed this getaway to one of the many natural treasures surrounding the city of Tarija. You’ll find them all featured in this map.

Please leave a comment if you liked this post! And while you’re here, feel free to explore other destinations Bolivia has to offer in the middle of nature.

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