I spent this weekend in rural Spain, around Salas de los Infantes in Burgos. Along with my Dad and my brother, we visited some family friends in their village. In these uncertain times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we really enjoyed unplugging and reconnecting with nature and the simple things in life. I might be biased but I'm always amazed by the number (and quality) of activities you can do when visiting Spain. Keep on reading to learn all there is to see around Salas de los Infantes (Burgos).

Today I want to tell you about my first escape into the nature after testing negative upon arriving to Spain. As you might remember from my previous post, returning from Bolivia in the middle of the COVID pandemic wasn't easy and I had missed my friends and being outdoors so much. This weekend I had the perfect opportunity to catch up with them all in the biggest mountain close to home: Peñas de Aya. Stay tuned if you want to learn all you can do here!


After being in lockdown for four months in Bolivia, we managed to travel back home to Spain in the middle of the COVID-19 global pandemic. I'm happy to report we're now safe and sound with our families! If you would like to know what it was like to get from our home in Tarija to Santa Cruz and then all the way to Spain, keep on reading.

After visiting Córdoba and Priego de Córdoba with my in-laws and some family friends, we all came to Irún, my hometown in the Basque Country. We spent a few days here altogether, enjoying great food and sightseeing lovely places such as Getaria, Zumaia, San Sebastián, Lesaka or Hendaye. Curious to know all there is to see in this area?