Every time I go back home I try to stop by Fuenterrabía, and this time around was no exception.

This fishing village is one of the most beautiful in the Basque Country and the food is delicious! Besides, the village celebrated its yearly Alarde while I was there at the beginning of September.

We spent my birthday in Fuenterrabía too. We woke up to a beautiful summer day and we had lunch and dinner there, with some tasty pintxos and sightseeing along the way from the Higuer lighthouse and mount Jaizkibel.

As you might remember from previous posts, September 8th is a big day in Fuenterrabía because it’s the day of the Alarde. If you would like to know more about it, you can do so by reading this article. By the way, a similar celebration is held in Irún every June 30th, San Marcial Day (see post 1 and 2).