Gazing Sucre from La Torre Café Mirador

I find starting a new month is always a good opportunity to reset and think again about oneself’s goals. A few days ago, I decided to quit my job in order to pursue my real passion. Are you curious about what I’ll be doing next?

The dilemma

This week I decided to quit my part-time job in a local magazine here in Tarija to pursue my real passion: travel writing.

I had been thinking about this for many years but never found the time (and courage) to really go for it.

The truth is I started my travel blog when I moved to the USA in January 2013 and always considered it a hobby.

Since I moved to Bolivia in July 2019 following my boyfriend, I worked for a local magazine. Even though I was grateful for the professional opportunity, I didn’t enjoy the toxic work environment and quickly started to think about finding another job. But as soon as I did, the usual question popped up. Did I really want to go into another job that I could do but not feel passionate about?

Taking a leap of faith

The answer was simply NO. Besides, my blog had been accompanying me for all these years and I didn’t want it to be for nothing. So after having an encouraging conversation with my boyfriend who pushed me to pursue my passion,  I finally took the courage to leave my part-time job.

This might sound crazy as I currently cannot live from my blog (yet) but I needed to take the risk and give it a REAL try. At the moment we have no mortgage to pay nor kids to feed and living in Bolivia is quite cheap for us, so I’m willing to take the risk.

What I’m planning to do next

During the next few months, this is what will keep me busy:

  • Publish some pending posts on past trips going back to 2017 (procrastination is real, my friends!);
  • Work on this blog in order to improve it (both visually and technically);
  • Take useful courses that will help me during the process (travel blogging, photography, video editing and so on);
  • Keep growing my Instagram account to direct that traffic to this blog and generate new subscribers.

The final objective is to monetize this blog in order for it to generate enough income so I can live from it. I do not consider myself an entrepreneur, but hey, sometimes you just need to go for it to see if it really works! I’ll now devote myself 200% to make my blog vision a reality. Stay tuned for what there is to come and wish me luck!

Walking up to La Copa
There’s nothing like believing in yourself and pursuing your dreams!


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