Romania (part II)- Sinaia & Brašov

The façade of Peleș Castle
The façade of Peleș Castle

After staying in Bucharest for a few days, we started our road trip around Transylvania with its fairytale castles and beautiful cities. Follow me to Sinaia and Brasov!

Our first stop during our road trip was Sinaia. The complex of Peleș Castle is located 124 kilometres away from Bucharest, in the southeastern Carpathian Mountains. Built between 1873 and 1914 for King Carol I, its inauguration was held in 1883. The complex includes three monuments: Peleș Castle, Pelișor Castle, and the Foișor Hunting Lodge. Although we didn´t visit inside Peleș Castle, we walked around its patios and houses surrounding it in the forest.

We then headed to Brašov, one of the most visited places in Romania with its resplendent gothic, baroque and renaissance architecture. The first landmark we visited was St Catherine’s Gate,  which was built in 1559 and was once the main entrance to this medieval town. In the centre of Brašov’s main square (Council square) stands the Old Town Hall (from 1420) while the southeast corner is dominated by the town’s most famous landmark, the Black Church. It was also worth walking around the Titulescu Park given there are nice buildings around it such as the Rector’s Office, the Judiciary Council or the Buna Vestire church. On the day after, we drove up to the Citadel to enjoy the view to the city from the old fortress.

Trip details

Transportation: we rented a car with Klass Wagen next to the airport in Bucharest. We had a bad experience with them because they credited us for some wrong charges.

Accommodation: Drachenhaus hotel, nicely located only 200 metres from Council Square.

Bars & restaurants in Brašov:

*Clatita Uriasa: we had crepes for dinner from this food truck in the main square.

*Casa Hirscher: we had a great lunch at this lovely bistro including spaghetti agli olio e pepperoncino, octopus salad and a hot chocolate tart with gorgonzola.

*Kafea: we grabbed coffee to go.

Prep information: check Romania Tourism for tips on Peleș and Brašov.

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