Jordan (part V) – Aqaba

Sharif Hussein bin Ali Mosque
Sharif Hussein bin Ali Mosque

Situated on the southern tip of Jordan, approximately 4 hours from the capital of Amman, Aqaba is a beach town with Jordanian appeal. Greatly prized as Jordan’s window to the sea, Aqaba’s sandy beaches and coral reefs are the most pristine on the Red Sea.

Day 7

After visiting the abandoned Hejaz railway station in Wadi Rum, we drove to Aqaba.  Being by the sea, is definitely a plus!

We parked by the promenade and the first building we saw was Al Sharif Hussein Bin Ali´s House. This is where the great grandfather of the current Jordanian King Abdullah II resided for six months after World War I.  We then walked by the sea enjoying the beautiful views of the Red Sea and watching families and kids playing alike. On the other side of the sea, you´ll find the Israeli town of Eilat.

After that, we stopped outside the elegant Sharif Hussein bin Ali Mosque, which is all painted in white. We then took a look at the mall in Aqaba Gateway and strolled around the Marina, the Royal Yacht Club of Jordan. The latter was nice and well decorated but it felt abandoned.

Following lunch, we went to Shweikh Mall to buy some spices and then started our drive back to Amman. On the way, we saw the Israeli fences along the border with Jordan. We also stopped at Adventure City for some karting at night. It was fun! We finished our day in Amman going out for dinner with our friend Sarah and her boyfriend.

Trip details

Restaurant in Aqaba: we had some fish for lunch at Captain’s restaurant.

Dinner in Amman: we went for dinner to Jubran, an elegant restaurant with lovely Arabian vibes.

Accommodation: upon our return to Amman, we slept at hotel Larsa again.

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