First impressions of Geneva

Geneva – Les Grottes

It’s only been two weeks since I moved to Geneva and I am enjoying summer here. Life is been quite hectic as I started a new job, I’m adapting to the city and I’m looking for an apartment. Let me tell you about my first impressions of this Swiss city!

Summer life in Geneva happens by the lake LĂ©man: people go for a swim, stroll alongside it, watch movies outdoors or organize a barbecue with friends. In addition to this, I’m lucky enough to have an office overlooking the lake. 🙂

Geneva is a manageable city and you can easily walk or bike, especially in this sunny weather. International Geneva hosts many United Nations organizations and has its traditional charm too with its cobbled streets in the Old Town. Some highlights include the Cathedral and the Reformation Wall in Parc des Bastions.

One neighborhood that I’ve come to like already is Les Grottes, located right behind Cornavin train station.  The area has a hip vibe and people gather here every Thursday, especially during the summer, to enjoy some beer and cheese at the various food stalls.

Another personal favorite is Carouge, which is a municipality within the Canton of Geneva. This little town is located across the Arve river and feels completely detached from Geneva thanks to its ‘French village charm.’

Lastly, here are some restaurant discoveries so far:

  • La Buvette des Bains: located at the pier of des Pâquis, this is one of the most popular spots to eat by the lake. We had fondue here the other day (not very summery, I agree, but couldn’t resist to the Swiss clichĂ©!).
  • CrĂŞperie St Pierre: located by the Cathedral in the Old Town, this is a typical bistro-style menu of assorted savory & sweet crepes in a small and warm space.
  • La Cuccagna: traditional Italian restaurant in Carouge.

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