A few days in La Paz

Taking the cable car is one of my favorite things when in La Paz
Taking the cable car is one of my favorite things when in La Paz

After settling in Bolivia for good, I came back to the working capital of the country: La Paz. I find it amazing to discover new places every time you visit a town you’ve already been to. Keep on reading to learn about my findings!

This was my third visit to La Paz, following the ones in December last year and in April. As you will see in the pictures below, it was a lot about eating and reuniting with friends.

We arrived there on a Thursday and stayed until Sunday. On Saturday, we went to the Achumani district for a job party in order to welcome the new country director of my boyfriend’s agency. A lot of people attended and the interesting thing was that a ch’alla ceremony took place. This is very common in Bolivia and is done whenever you buy a new house/car or to wish luck on a special occasion. The ceremony is a picturesque one featuring an abundance of colors, objects, beer and food. Participants have fun, brim with happiness to the sounds of local rhythms while they worship, pray, thank and feed the Pachamama (Mother Earth) by throwing alcohol at it. This time around, a fire was lit and some leaves were burnt in order to purify the participants’ bodies.

On Saturday night, we went to a party at a friends’ house (the theme was ‘gin & salchipapa‘, meaning sausages with potatoes) and then had so much fun at a club (see trip details below).

Trip details

Flight: direct flights with BOA from Tarija to La Paz.

Accommodation: we stayed with some friends at their place not too far from the Sopocachi neighborhood.

Bars, cafés and restaurants:

*Café Épico: this cafeteria in the Calacoto neighborhood has become my second home when we come to La Paz. I usually come here to work a bit and meet friends for lunch since it is very close to my boyfriend’s office. It has good wifi, amazing food with local products and the staff is really friendly.

Pizza night at Efímera
Pizza night at Efímera

*Efímera: we enjoyed very good pizzas in this place close to our friends’ house. We had actually stopped at Cruzze first but it was full. Definitely trying it next time!






Friday dinner at the rooftop in Casa Grande
Friday dinner at the rooftop in Casa Grande

*Casa Grande rooftop bar: also in the Calacoto area.  We came to this classy hotel to celebrate New Year’s Eve but this time we checked its rooftop bar for dinner. It is expensive but the cocktails and dishes are worth it.



*Typica Café: this has become another favorite of mine in La Paz. They have two branches in town: one in Calacoto and  another one in Sopocachi. Come here for some good Bolivian coffee and food with a twist. Besides, their decor is so hipster. I didn’t want to leave!

*Gold Classics: we had so much fun at this retro club dancing until very late.  

Have you been to these places in La Paz? Let me know by leaving a comments!

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