10 hours in Geneva

By the lake

After leaving DC for good yesterday, I landed in Geneva early this morning. Can´t believe my American adventure is now over!

I think the view of the Swiss stunning landscapes, with high peaks and wide rivers, will stay in my memories forever.

I successfully dropped all the luggage in my temporary place and went for a walk around the city.

The weather was incredibly nice, quite hot and sunny. Although I knew the city was rather small, I was surprised by how quickly you could go from one place to another. That is such a luxury!

I took a bus to Gare Cornavin, the main station in Geneva, and walked down towards the Leman lake. I went alongside it passing by my future office (the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights) until I reached the Parc des Nations, where most of the UN agencies are located.

Then I crossed to the other side of the lake and strolled around the Vieille Ville (old town), which is beautiful and well preserved. I saw Place du Molard, the St Pierre Cathedral and the Théâtre. I had lunch at          in the Plainpalais neighborhood and then headed back to the apartment to pick up my luggage again and get going to Bucharest.

I had a great impression of Geneva and I believe we will get along very well!

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